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Tom Hagler Jr.Tom Hagler Jr.

Meet Tom Hagler Jr.

Tom Hagler Jr.’s passion is searching "The Book of All Books" to find answers to life’s most important questions. He has authored and published three books, which may be downloaded from this site for free. The books are:

Tom holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. He served in the United States Air Force and trained as a jet fighter pilot in F-86s at Nellis Air Force Base. He completed his tour of duty in Japan, flying fighters in tactical reconnaissance.

He began a 45-year career at the Augusta, Ga.-based GIW Industries, formerly known as Georgia Iron Works Co., serving as an engineer, Chief Engineer, and, for his last 25 years at GIW, as CEO. GIW is a world leader in the design and manufacture of large industrial pumps used in mining and dredging applications such as pumping sand back onto coastal beaches after hurricanes have caused erosion.

Tom was raised as a Presbyterian, but the most significant and greatest blessing of his life took place in 1974. He experienced the evangelistic effort of Elder Conrad Jarrell, an “old line” Primitive Baptist preacher. The beauty and simplicity of the Primitive Baptist church and its humble people created a desire in Tom to share the church’s teachings with others.

Tom knows you may not agree with the meaning he assigns to the verses he quotes in these free books, and he welcomes your interpretation. Please e-mail tomhagl@gmail.com.